Joe Owens is a long-standing British nationalist with a minor channel on YouTube. You can find him here. His usual approach is to attack other people in the movement who are engaged in anything even vaguely theoretical or metaphysical. The unfortunate victim is sprayed with a super-soaker of amusing adjectives like ‘barmpot’ or ‘dafty’, as Owens assails them in broad, outraged Scouse. Real nationalists should be out knocking on doors, dealing with bin collections and local A&E ward closures. Any nationalist political movement can’t deal with white identity as the public won’t go in for it. Like Sellar and Yeatman’s compound Williamanmary in 1066 and All That, anyone who dissents is working for the villainous and swine-like Nicklowleshopenothate and Gerrygablessearchlightmagazine. All those not ploughing his particular furrow are ‘spies working for the enemy state’.

Owens is undoubtedly a man of the world with decades worth of experience in nationalist politics and for that he deserves some respect. But his approach is not only moronic, but weirdly naive. Any party created by people with nationalist views is going to have people on the record as saying or doing all sorts of unsavoury things. Unless you recruit 16 year-olds with no political experience, no presence on social media and no history, then this is always going to be the case. If every single nationalist vlogger abandoned their channels and began to talk about the NHS and cleaning up the local park, what would happen? Let’s conduct a little experiment. I’ll Google Joe Owens and see what comes up:

‘Though he described himself as a “security adviser”, Joey Owens is a man with a sinister past.

In 1982 he served eight months in jail for sending razor blades in the post to members of the city’s Jewish community, an act which he has since said he regrets.

He was also convicted and jailed in 1994 for carrying CS gas and knuckle dusters when he worked as a clubland bouncer.

And in 1998 he was charged with the contract murder of 33-year-old nightclub security boss George Bromley – but the charge was dropped after a key prosecution witness withdrew his evidence.


ACTION! Race War To Door Wars, details the life history of Joe Owens UK far-right activist, and martial arts exponent. Involved in Nationalist politics for over twenty years, he acted as personal bodyguard for BNP Chairman Nick Griffin.

He clearly has a past and there’s nothing wrong with that. But let’s look at what would realistically happen if Owens stood for election, either as a councillor or as an MP. As soon as he gained momentum, or began to be successful, he would be dragged out of his inoffensive playpen and have this stuff thrown in his face. There’s two things that he would do: either he would admit that he is a racial nationalist, or he’d cuck and insist that he was a civic nationalist, interested only in punishing criminals and ‘Making Britain Great Again’. People would rightly find capitulation either unconvincing or pathetic. This was more-or-less the reaction to Nick Griffin’s ludicrous declaration on Question Time that black people already resident in the country would be allowed to stay under a BNP government.

We are not going to beat the system by pretending to be civic nationalists. People who try to infiltrate the system usually find that the system infiltrates them. In a society where racial thought is utterly taboo, the temptation is always to give in and constant vigilance has to be maintained, like shoring up a dam which is threatening to burst. To adapt Conquest’s Second Law, any right-wing movement that is not explicitly racial in nature will sooner or later descend into civic nationalism. After all, why not? Civic nationalism is easy. Civic nationalism allows you the luxury of thinking that we have time. Civic nationalism allows you to pretend that we can stop immigration and win. It also allows you to ignore the fact that ‘good immigrants’ are as much a threat to our way of life as bombastic Muslim street preachers. It lends you a veneer of respectability: nobody has ever been doxed because they want all races to come together and wear Trump hats.

Not only would this party contain lots of unconvincingly disguised nationalists, but it would attract the civic nationalist crowd in greater numbers. Even if Owens’ long-term goal is to seize power as a white nationalist, his party would be stacked with people who would disagree with him. The Front National is not a white nationalist party. Not only will Marine le Pen likely lose the election, but even if she won, she would do nothing that would save France in the long-term. Trump is not a racial nationalist. He is a step in the right direction, but the continued depletion of the white vote will make it hard for future people to repeat his success. At best, Trump will create an Indian Summer for the next decade until the demographics kick in and the U.S. turns into the Brazil of the north. Unless a party wins power on an explicit platform of repatriation, all political acts are rearguard actions in an inevitable retreat. The actual implication of deporting millions of people and confronting likely civil war will make all but genuine racial nationalists immediately reach for softer solutions. 40% of all births in France are to African mothers. We don’t have the time to fiddle about with civic nationalism, unless we want the spectacle of Congolese schoolchildren singing the Marseillaise and declaring themselves to be the descendants of the Gauls.

Our electoral system simply doesn’t permit us the same visibility as nationalists on the continent. If we had proportional representation, UKIP would have 80 seats in the House of Commons. The BNP would also have gained some MPs in 2010. But our system makes it hard for outsider parties to break through. The presidential system in the United States also allowed Trump to enter the system from the top down. The problem with British nationalism is our electoral system and the entrenched system of party loyalty. These make it much harder and more expensive for us to win. In lieu of that, we have to use whatever methods we can to get our message across to the millions of impressionable young people who long for a purpose in life.

We live in a class-ridden society. Middle-class people are much more scared of nationalism and appearing déclassé. It doesn’t matter if we get every single working-class person on our side, because they are not influential. Working-class people don’t control the media in this country and they don’t go to Oxford and Cambridge. Since the decline of organised labour and the transformation of the Labour Party into a multicultural social-work group, they have no representation in parliament. We have to convince the future novelists, professors, filmmakers, broadcasters and journalists who are now 16 that our cause is just. You are not going to convince these people by knocking on doors and refusing to engage in any kind of cultural struggle. Imagine if Marcuse, Horkheimer, Adorno, Marx, Engels &c. had decided to burn their manuscripts! The Communist Manifesto? Get real, Karl, you’re leading the left down a dead end road! You need to go knocking door-to-door in Whitechapel and talking about slum clearances. The left gained power either through cultural hegemony or, to put it mildly, through slightly more forceful methods. I see no reason to ignore their example.

Joe Owens would lead us up the garden path. There is a deeply English strain of philistinism and distrust of ideology that runs through us like the lettering on a stick-of-rock. It served us well in the past, but if you confront the left without any sort of ideological foundation then you will be picked off. Vague, nebulous, UKIP civic nationalism is not a threat to the establishment. It is a minor speed bump on the road to a completely deracinated and multiracial Britain. If I was uncharitable, I would suggest that Owens is the real hobbyist. He might not be a MI5 agent, but his out-of-date thinking would destroy us.