As a perpetual Eeyore and a rather gloomy person, I’ve dashed off a piece about how Brexit has retarded the intellectual development of the right over the last twenty years. It also deals with our dire economic prospects. You’ll fancy slitting your wrists after reading this one!

It’s over at Morgoth’s Review, but here’s an excerpt:

`If you were Peter Shore or Tony Benn, the Common Market’s regulations about state ownership and state aid made it impossible to subsidise your own industries, or put in place import quotas. If you were Enoch Powell, membership was an absolute affront to parliamentary sovereignty. If you were an Orcadian fisherman, your fishing grounds would be annihilated by large Spanish cruisers. If you were Ian Paisley, the Common Market was actually the prophesied Whore of Babylon spoken of in the Book of Revelation: a bestial and unholy plot by the Pope and the Jesuits to destroy the protestant reformed faith, and a harbinger of the Antichrist’s reign on earth. `

Click here to read the whole thing.